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There is so much to know about so many things in the garden world that it is literally impossible to be the expert in every area. The Mississippi State University Trial Garden experts Dr. Gary Bachman, Dr. Geoff Denny and others have lots of answers to your every day outdoor questions. For raised beds or controlled bed soil issues, Garden Mama is your girl. And if you want to sharpen your garden vocabulary you can find a garden dictionary here:

Another expert is my husband! He has become quite the Mister Fixer Upper around the house. Just the other day he discovered that the shower head was screwed on upside down and was the reason why it kept falling off the wall. Now that he fixed it, it is secured because things don’t fall up!

My favorite Expert is Father God. The idea of TheMaxBit came from Him. He dropped it from Heaven into my lap. And I believe there are more ideas where that one came from. God always has a solution because He is the answer.

Sometimes the answer is not obvious because we think we know, or we become comfortable with the way something is, or we forget to look up. Spring is a wonderful season. Find an expert to help you with solutions, give praise to those who help you, and don’t forget to be thankful to the One who gives us rain on the Garden.

Dr. Michele

March 20, ‘19

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