• Dr. Michele

To Fog or not to fog?

While in my prayer chair this morning, the Lord gave me assurance about a matter I have been praying about. Lately, it seems there is a fog in my life that hinders how I see things and obscures my direction. Through Scripture in First John I read, “whatever we ask in His name, with confidence (not doubting) He hears us.” I meditated on this, repented for doubting, and firmed my faith in the area of asking.

My mind wandered to the meeting I would go to tonight. The message taught at the meeting would help me along this fogged path. Should I invite someone to come with me? I thought. I sent messages to three friends. Two could not come and the third did not reply.

On the way to work the audio book CD said the same thing! Don’t doubt while walking out God’s will for your life. You will not hear his voice clearly. Could this be part of my problem with the fog? During the day, I make a conscience effort to throw off doubt and encourage myself with God’s thoughts about me and my life. Over lunch, the third friend responded and said, “I would like that.” Now I knew God was up to more than just providing a time for me to hear His Word.

Now it is evening and I am waiting on my friend to arrive so we can travel together to the meeting. As I get ready, I sensed the Lord saying that this meeting would be just what the doctor ordered for her. About that time she called saying she received a notice from the doctor concerning a test that came back. My anticipation of the meeting heightened. We met up, drove to the meeting while encouraging each other on the way. My friend confessed to me her pain and heartache. She truly had a desire to be fully surrendered to the Lord. Yet, she felt like she was hanging on to her life by a thread. Her past consisted of many traumas that left her almost hopeless.

What we heard from the Bible teacher encouraged and propelled us to continue doing what God’s Word says to do. After the meeting was over, we stayed for a bit longer. My friend asked the minister to pray for her. The speaker prayed not knowing anything at all about her. As the minister prayed, the words that poured from her heart were the very words my friend spoke hours before. God was assuring her He hears her and is answering her prayers.

I was so encouraged. In the midst of the fog He is leading me. I am encouraged that the fog will lift. Even in the natural sense, the sun comes out and the fog eventually lifts. The same is true for me. The Son will come out and I will walk out of the fog. He is leading me to help others along the way. Even while in the fog I am on the right track.

Could the same be said about you or someone you know? Have you ever felt like you were in a fog? You just wanted it to lift so you could see clearly. Most people can relate to driving in a fog. One of the most dangerous things to do is stop or pull over. Experts say put your lights on dim, slow down, and keep moving. Eventually you will drive out of the fog because it is not everywhere.

But God is. He is everywhere even in the fog. Keep moving and eventually we will come out of the fog and see the Lord has been with us all along.

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