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the right room

During this time of worldwide crisis, many people are praying; some out of fear and some from faith. What is the difference? How can we know if we are praying from a place of faith?

Let me give you some simple analogies. If you are hungry you don’t go to the bathroom and look for food in the toilet. You might feel like your life is in the toilet, but you don’t get nourishment there. If you are looking for answers to hard questions you don’t go look in the shower. The shower is designed to help us get clean when we are dirty physically. We might sing in the shower and answers might come to problems, but the answers do not lie in the shower.

You go from room to room. You think, I will go to my bedroom where I try and rest and look for rest from the upsetting routine, the constant noise, or the negative news. But all these things follow you into the bedroom. Maybe they don’t follow you literally, but they follow you in your head. Up once again, looking for answers to every pressing issue, you think, where have I not gone that may supply the answers? As you get up from your bed you notice your closet and think, “I have not been to my closet.” I wonder…

As you open the closet door you notice a small space, just big enough for you to sit. As you bend over to sit, you immediately sense you are not alone, but that God has entered the closet with you. “Finally, you hear Him say in your heart, now that I have your undivided attention, let’s talk.”

God would say to you while you are in your closet; “You think you know me, but it is I who know you. I want you to know me like you are known. Will you spend time with Me? I am not what others say about me or even what you may think. I AM Creator of the universe and your creator. I love you and want the very best for you. I AM with you always even in the hard times. I have all the answers if you will ask me, I will tell you.”

Stunned, you sit in silence letting those words you heard in your heart sink in. You respond. “I want to know you as I am known. For some reason that seems scary and I am not sure why. Please help me not be afraid and meet with you.” You wait for a response which seems like an eternity. God responds. “Are you afraid now?” "No, I am not afraid now, but…” Before you finish, God interrupts. “Good, so now get up and leave the closet and take me with you-everywhere you go- and you can stay in this place of faith.”

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