• Dr. Michele

Bloom Where You are Planted

I wonder what the flower seeds must be thinking while they are waiting to bloom in the spring? I wonder what the bulbs do while they wait to bloom in the Spring or Fall? Scientifically, there are several things happening underground, out of our sight, while we go about our business.

Did you know that the seed has to literally die before it can produce what has been inside of it all along?The outer part falls away to reveal to beauty to come. The soil and the rain dance in the sun while the seed dies to give resurrection to the life inside the seed.

All the elements align; sunshine, rain, the soil and seed to yield what the seed has been prepared for. Each of these components work together, each necessary to produce the prize. The bud breaks forth and the bloom follows.

As a new year and a new decade begins, I am letting the seed die, staying planted in good soil, and letting the Son shine on me.

Just as the flowers in the ground wait on the season’s change to rise up and bloom, so we must wait to rise up and bloom. Wait on the Lord. His timing is perfect.

The matter of the Heart is the Heart of the matter.

Dr. Michele

January 1, 2020

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