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A Design in time

Have you ever taken on a project that was bigger than you? It happens to me often and I think it is because I like a challenge. Once the project is finished, the joy of accomplishment begs for another.

Recently I volunteered to clear some property, potentially to transform it from a mess to a masterpiece. The space in between those two requires planning. Here are some steps to consider:

1. Write the vision down. What do you want the masterpiece to look like when you finish? What parts will make up the whole? For example; do you want a bird bath in the middle of the garden?

2. What will it take to get there?

~ Get the big debris out of the way first.

~ Gather tools and other materials needed.

~ Lay out the design and set a timeline.

3. How will you get it done? Projects are only as good as the people willing to help. Ask for volunteers and prepare a budget (maybe this should be #1).

4. Work, rest, and admire. Watching the transformation is as rewarding as the final finish.

It is necessary that we look at the mess, but more important that we have a vision for the masterpiece.

Our lives are much the same way. The part in between, the work, causes most of us to stall, backtrack, or fail. What if we designed a vision, put it before us and laid out steps to get there? We take some of the same steps listed above and work on us to get where we want to go. We might really like the future us enough to do the work to get there!

Posted is a picture that is a work in progress. I will keep you posted on how the vision unfolds, both in the garden and in the gym. Smiles!

A Design in Time

Design in time a place to clear

Bring materials and tools near

To rake, cut, and move away

Where once were tree limbs in the way

Vision sees and hands prepare

A place for growth and not despair.

Some will help some will hinder

Working hard to remove the timber.

What will it look like once it is done?

Lots of work and some fun?

Vision speaks and says, “Come and See!

Enjoy the design that brings beauty.

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